Virtual Interview Program

Virtual Interview Program

Win The Race!





Train to Win

A professional athlete would never go to a tryout without hours of intensive training.  So why do so many aspiring professionals do just that?  Most likely because they were not aware that such training existed or found it too difficult to pursue.

It is time to change the playing field.  It is time for a professional interviewing service that helps you evaluate and enhance your skills.  A solution that utilizes today’s virtual technology and performance analytics to give you the feedback you need to accelerate your career.

Our Solution

Our Solution...



is like no other


Many interview improvement services exist today. These services are often inconvenient, rely upon prerecorded interviewers, and/or leave the candidate to self-evaluate their areas of opportunity.

The VIP solution provides:

  • Resume evaluation
  • Direct, live, and personal interaction
  • Multiple interviewers and reviewers
  • Observational feedback and graphic analysis
  • Professional write up with graphic visualizations

We Deliver

We Deliver...

Game Changing Insight


The VIP write-up features our innovative LAPS analysis system. This system provides actionable analysis with clear recommendations to improve your future performance. We deliver specific call-outs, clear visualizations, and thoughtful summaries of the observational feedback we collect. Your personalized write-up also includes interview clips with directed feedback for you to review.

What is it worth

What is it worth...

to invest in your career


To get the focused attention of industry experts

To gain actionable recommendations on how to improve your interviewing skills

To stand out from the crowd

To secure your next big opportunity

To earn an extra $5K, $7K, $10K


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