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Corsair’s Technology has assembled a team of talented technologists, experienced analysts, and world class innovators. Our team is dedicated to creating integrated virtual services that enhance professional performance and development. We are evolving the virtual landscape to provide more personal experiences, greater feedback, and efficient platforms. This combination can accelerate learning and maximize personal achievement.

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Virtual Interview Program (VIP)


It is time to change the playing field.  It is time to create a professional interviewing service that helps you evaluate and enhance your skills.  A solution that utilizes today’s virtual technology and performance analytics to give you the feedback you need to accelerate your career. As seen on Indiegogo.

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Resume Improvement Service (Rise)


Today, employers leverage searchable databases with increasing emphasis on industry terms and buzzwords. Do you know which skills to emphasize? Do you know the skills that are in demand? Let us provide the answers you need. Upload your resume today. Now just $9.99.

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